Monday, June 15, 2015

One Sentence at a Time

I'm getting ready for a novel-writing workshop.  It's a week long event with a small group of writers and a smaller group of instructors. It feels prestigious, though given the price tag I'm not sure how many writers applied.  Never mind that, I'm excited to be going and I'm excited to be focusing on my writing after more than two years of spending more time on getting married, getting a new house, and getting a new job.  I've been 70% finished all this time, but I kept letting other things get in the way, and I wasn't disciplined enough to plough through.

Anyway, just checking in.  Life is good.  How lucky am I that I can actually take a week off from my job to go to something that will at worst be like fantasy baseball camp for writers and at best will give me the tools to finish and submit my novel for publication?