Friday, January 1, 2016

Laundry Disasters

I have a habit of leaving tissues in my shirt sleeves and pants pockets (you never know when you're going to have a kleenex emergency).  I try to double-check my sleeves and pockets before doing a load of laundry, but as often as not, my clothes come out of the dryer with a scattering of white tissue fibers; no biggie, my clothes aren't that nice to begin with.

Today, I left a blue pen in a skirt pocket that exploded while tumbling on low heat. My clothes actually came out unscathed (mostly), but the inside of the drier was another story: the drum was a Rorschach test of ink splotches.  I scrubbed with soap and water (that did nothing) and then a Magic Eraser (that did a little) before giving up and searching the internet.  The first result was a Youtube video of a guy demonstrating how to clean a dryer drum after a pen exploded in it.

I love the internet.  No matter how crazy my question, someone has made that query before, and someone has an answer. (For the record, nail polish remover works great; just remember to scrub THAT off with soap and water before drying your next load!)

So that was how I started 2016.  Could be worse.  I ended 2015 by paying off the remaining balance of my student loans.  My dad's awesome reaction: "Time for phD?"

Happy New Year, everyone.