Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This is a test. I've connected my phone to the blog so I can update via text. Promise not to abuse it!


Anonymous said...

Be careful, young one, for you tread a dangerous path. You may intend to only use this power for good, but the allure of easy posting can corrupt even the strongest.

At first you'll make thoughtful posts while waiting your turn at the DMV. You'll spell check, and link to your references, and discuss weighty matters of politics and literature.

But if you lose your focus, even for a second...you'll find yourself dashing off twitter-ish posts that say things like "I just saw a kitty!" and "I wish people wouldn't use their phones while driving." and "Roman McLaze is the most insightful commenter EVAR!". Possibly while driving.

And from that, there is no coming back.

August said...

But what if the kitty reminded me of that time when my mom FINALLY let us get a cat, only to give it away a few months later, and this makes me think of the fleeting nature of life and happiness?

Point taken ;-)