Monday, November 22, 2010

Quick note

There's been a dearth of posts, lately. But in a couple weeks, my writing group is having a "public readaround" in which we share with the rest of the class--as well as invited guests--what we've been working on all term. I've alternated between revising a short story I wrote in August and sharing my longer will-be novel (my short story is 3900 words while I only have about 5000 in the longer piece). In my small group, I have received the perfect balance of praise and criticism; enough encouragement to keep going as well as specific points I can improve or clarify.

Also, I have survived my first week in the suburbs. So far so good.


Aki Mori said...

Wonderful to hear from you! Can't wait to read the post where you admit that you actually enjoy the suburbs! :-)

August said...

Ha. I'm not ready to write that post yet, but I'm sure it'll come ;)