Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Allow me this victory.

Not even 24 hours ago, I had my freshly-moved boxes and bags of stuff (including dozens of pens, pencils, and paper clips in at least three different shoe boxes) surrounding my chair. I had my piles, my dear, dear piles. I had my art and pictures and chargers for cell phones I used back in 2003.

But look now! Clean! Organized! Even Wally's relaxed, chilling in my chair while I take the picture.


george rede said...

Clean room = clean mind?
Seriously, congratulations! I've gone through too many office moves to count and a year-ago downsizing so I can appreciate the sparkly shine. Would be fun to see the same scene in three months!

mkcillip said...

Very nice! And I have to complement you on those colored boxes in the corner. The orange ones look especially well put together. (Seriously, your office looks perfect for using.)

August said...

Thanks - in three months, I anticipate it being much messier, but hopefully with binder clips of notes & applications :)