Thursday, February 9, 2012

Next Time You Buy a DVD Online...

My dad's foundation has partnered with Amazon. If you follow the link (which takes you to the basic site with some added code), 4% of every purchase you make will go toward his foundation. You won't pay any more, any less. I know I don't go a month without buying something from Amazon; from now on, I'll start from this link:

Every little bit helps:
  • $80 pays for one preschool teacher's monthly salary
  • $50 pays for relief food for one month
  • $40 pays for rental of classrooms for one month
  • $25 pays for one goat
  • $20 pays for one school uniform
  • $10 pays for one mosquito net
  • $3 pays for one student's school fees for one month


Tonja said...

I have a pending order - will redo it from the link.

August said...

Awesome, thanks Tonja!