Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Better late than never...

As I've mentioned, I go to my grandma's every Sunday. I do laundry, eat my one actual meal for the week, and watch old movies or sports, depending what time of year it is. This past Sunday was emotionally exhausting for both of us as we cheered on the Bengals, only to have victory ripped from their hands (or rather, deflected by Leon Hall into the hands of Brandon Stokely).

Ugh. Anyway, Nana always asks about the wine tasting: What did I eat? Who was there?

This past Friday's had a Spanish theme:

Station One:
  • Pepper Soup with Lemon and Lime - this cold soup was rather hot, but would make a good salsa.
  • Domino De Eguren Protocolo Blanco - a nice white wine that went nicely with the hot (spicy) soup.
Station Two:
  • Black Bean Dip with Tortilla Chips - Just what the name describes, but very yummy!
  • Vega Sindoa 2008 Rosado - a decent rose
Station Three:
  • Pollo Con Salsa Fresca - Boneless chicken with white onion, garlic cloves, bay leaves, ground cumin, and ancho chili. Very tasty!
  • Campos Reales 2006 - Nice, balanced red
Station Four:
  • Carne Fajita Burrito - Skirt steak and all kinds of flavorful goodness wrapped up in a tortilla. Mmm.
  • Atalaya Almansa 2007 - As far as I remember, this was a dry red. Went nicely with the fajita.
Station Five:
  • Three Latin-themed cheeses:
  1. Queso Asadero - soft, almost like mozzerella. It would be good for melting, but bland by itself.
  2. Queso Cotija - tasted like parmesan.
  3. Queso de Mano - this raw goat's milk cheese was very flavorful and easily everyone's favorite. According to the notes, it is aged for a minimum of four months, and it's generally produced on a small scale.
  • Txomin Etxaniz 2007 Txakoli De Getaria - I think this was a light white, but usually station five is something sparkly.
Afterward we went to Lemon Grass for Thai Food. Mmm... Thai.

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