Friday, September 25, 2009

Quick hits

It's another rainy day in Cincinnati. I'm rather enjoying the gloominess and mild temperatures as well as the legitimate excuse to avoid running. (And I can wear my Kenya scarves).

I'm off to work in a few minutes, but here's a quick update:
  • No movement on the MFA front; the end of the quarter is kicking my butt, and I haven't had time to focus on researching schools, putting together portfolios, and gathering references.
  • There are still not enough hours in the day. Supposedly sleep helps keep colds at bay. I decided a while ago that a full-night's sleep was key to my mental stability, and now there's evidence that I have that sleep to thank for my relatively good health these past few years.
  • The Reds have been winning a lot lately; why couldn't they have done that in June and August???
  • I'm psyched that the Bengals are 1-1. This city, as pessimistic as we get about the Bengals, will absolutely explode with joy and excitement if the Bengals make a playoff run.
Bye for now :)


mkcillip said...

Hi. All caught up now. :-) I hope you're doing well despite the butt-kicking-ness. I've been grading essays, and while I'm glad to have the first essay mostly done now (except for a few late stragglers), I'm already getting (optional) revisions turned in AND I'm getting the second batch of essays this week. Urgh. I'm not at the eye of a storm, but I'm thankful to be near it, where the winds are a little less feirce. (Unfortunately, the weatherman predicts I'll skirt along the storm's eyelashes and cut the longest possible path. Tracing my route through the storm will look like I've put on too much mascara and had a good cry.)

mkcillip said...

Oh, AND it's officially job season (again). So you need to get those MFA applications underway, just as I need to get my job applications sorted. Maybe we can crack each other's whips?