Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grown-up Things

My manager, today, told me I should really look into buying a house "because you'll get an $8000 credit, which is great." She said that if I'm handy at all, I could get a place that needs repairs for really cheap. I replied that I'm not handy at all, but she counted that all I need to do is be able to read, and I could figure the rest out. Eek. It's one thing if I'm married and have a husband who likes to "fix" things. But the idea of being personally responsible for the maintenance of an entire home fills me with dread and discomfort. I still haven't brought myself to call my landlord about a slow drain (it's in my kitchen sink; I don't do dishes enough that it's gotten in my way).

I guess it is a "grown up" thing to do - buy a house. But I know myself: I'm not ready, financially or emotionally.

Speaking of emotional, the U.C. Bearcats coach who led the team to consecutive Big East titles and, this year, to an undefeated season, has accepted the job at Notre Dame. There are a lot of heavy hearts here in Cincinnati. As someone who came from a Catholic family - Dad's side Irish - I grew up rooting for the Fighting Irish. My family and I went to South Bend when I was a child just to see the campus, and then again when I was in junior high to see a football game. (My dad and brother were there when they filmed the crowd scenes for the movie "Rudy.") We went again a few years ago for a game - they played Purdue and came from behind to win.

I'm sad for U.C. Like many others, I jumped on this bandwagon of success. But I've been cheering on Notre Dame for much longer, and I hope Brian Kelly does well there. Just as I hope that the new coach of the Bearcats is able to pick up where Kelly left off.

Edited to change "kitchen sin" to "kitchen sink.":)

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mkcillip said...

I can't tell if you meant to write about your "kitchen sin" (not doing dishes) or your "kitchen sink" (which is leaking). I like being uncertain about this.