Sunday, December 27, 2009


My only aunt is back in the hospital, and Wednesday she was sedated and put on a ventilator. Thursday, after I picked up my 94-year-old grandfather from his house, he received a call from the hospital that she'd crashed and they'd had to shock her. We turned around and went straight to the hospital, where she had stabilized. I brought my grandfather back to his house, so he could get his car and return to the hospital while I went over to my mom's for Christmas Eve dinner.

He called with updates throughout the evening (more to reassure us that nothing had changed as we ate lasagna, split up the pecan pie he'd made, opened presents, and played trivial pursuit).

It's been incredibly surreal. I was glad to get back to work at the library yesterday. I need to take this extra time I have to catch up on grading and get organized for the rest of the quarter (as well as the beginning of next); but more likely, I see myself twiddling away the hours, waiting for something to happen.

Edited to get rid of a couple words.

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