Friday, August 20, 2010

Colliding Worlds

There's an episode of Seinfeld where George's fiancée, Susan, has a short-lived friendship with Elaine. George doesn't like this. From his view, the two women are part of two different worlds, and he relates to them in two different ways. Around Susan, he is "Relationship George"; around Elaine, he is "Independent George." But if Susan and Elaine are friends, his worlds collide ("Relationship George," he says, "will kill Independent George!")

I was thinking of this today as a couple of my worlds collide. This morning I was featured on Writing Insight, a website dedicated to supporting new and aspiring authors. With my permission, my real name was used. When I was teaching, I was uncomfortable linking my real name to my blog or twitter stream for obvious reasons. In the same breath I might complain about conservative pundits and "it's"/"its" confusion.

I like this better, though: standing behind my own words and ideas; being the same person among my friends as I am among my family as I am among my colleagues. I've been faulted (complimented?) for being too honest, and I used to laugh at that idea. Maybe I thought that because I'm quiet, I withhold more than I share, and isn't that dishonest? But as my various circles collide--through wine tastings, through library functions, through the internet--I feel this great big world, the one we all share, finally coming into view.


Aki Mori said...

It's a bit embarrassing that I can recall details of every post I've ever written, but I, too, love that Seinfeld episode and surreptitiously referenced it in this blog about Star Wars and Annie Hall:

Aki Mori said...

Oh, and in your "Writing Insight" interview, I see you casually slipped in another Seinfeld-ism where you say, "But I tend to believe that there's an order to the universe, that things even out." :-) Congrats on the interview!

August said...

Thanks Aki! I couldn't figure out a smooth way to credit you for the "wistful" description. And I wonder if I subconsciously remembered your "worlds colliding" post when I wrote my own!

I love Seinfeld. Recently watched the "reunion" episodes from season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Great stuff!