Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Slight Vent; Not Really

Lately I've felt like I could stay in bed all day and still feel tired. I love the library, but my schedule's been such that I've worked many days in a row with only Sunday off. I find myself wondering if I should look for other part-time jobs, or more actively commit to going back to school full-time. A part of me is frustrated about my job; staying motivated, despite how little I make, despite how little I'll ever make there, regardless of how many "extra" things I do.

And so I remind myself of why I made the choices I did: I worked this job and taught for the past three years; I was perpetually tired--energy was the exception; I had a pang of stress and anxiety that was with me always. Writing propelled me then, and I will continue to let it do so.

I've just been so tired lately. Need to work on that.

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Aki Mori said...

I've also wondered a lot lately about motivation, and how it relates to writing. I've found that when I am "down" it's really tough to find the inspiration to write. When I'm generally happy, the ideas flow. The thing is, my writing style tends to be snappy. But what about all those great writers who wrote in a more serious, grave tone (e.g. Dostoevsky, etc.) I wonder if their motivation was related to their mood, and if so, what kind of mood inspired them the most?