Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maybe Things Change

I got up early this morning to get downtown for an 8:30 meeting. It took me an hour to make the twenty-mile commute. And while I want to complain about the traffic, the slowness of drivers in the rain, and the fact that I spent more money on gas today than I did on parking, I'll instead thank NPR.

Driving is always better when I get to listen to Morning Edition. Its intelligent reporting and insightful analysis are especially valuable after something like bin Laden's death occurs.

Maybe his death doesn't change anything. Maybe Al Qaeda is as strong today as it was April 30th. Maybe the troops won't come home from Afghanistan any earlier than they would have.

But maybe it does--and that's my hope.

** A Few hours later; I thought I'd add to this rather than do a new post. I've had a really sticky day writing. Everything's come out forced and fake-sounding. I finally moved on to another piece I'm revising for a read-around at my writing class tomorrow evening. Blargh. I'm ready for some sunshine. 40,000 by the end of May will be tough at this pace!

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