Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Your Happiest Moment? Your Saddest?

My boyfriend asked me these questions yesterday evening, and I had no answers. First of all, I'm not good at serious discussions after sunset. My mind is settled on more pressing issues, like "Who got kicked off American Idol?" and "Is it late enough to go to sleep yet?" Second of all, they're not easy questions.

But today, the sun is out and I'm fully imbibed with caffeine. My mind returns to those questions, and I wonder: Do most people have their happiest moment crystallized in their heads? Is it a vacation? a birthday? a first kiss? Likewise, their saddest? A death? A break-up?

I worry that I missed my happiest moment; I failed to record it in my mind as such and now cannot retrieve it. Was my happiest moment playing cards with new friends my freshman year of college? Was it touring Giverny, France, with my father at age 23? Or was it earlier? Designing obstacle courses or building pen museums as an eight-year-old? Was it sitting on my grandmother's lap watching Lawrence Welk? Or lying in bed as my mom told me stories?

Or maybe it hasn't happened yet; maybe that moment is still to come. I'll try to be more vigilant and catch it when it does.


Tonja said...

My three happiest moments: When my daughter was born, seeing the smile on my daughter's face the day her brother was born, and seeing the look of love on my middle son's face when he rocked his baby brother to sleep at the hospital without being told how.

August said...

Beautiful moments, Tonja :)

george rede said...

Great questions. And I love your Happiest Moment nominees.

Mine? 1)The day I became a husband. (My wife looked so lovely that day and I was so emotional I could barely speak the vows I'd written.) 2) The day I became a father. (There's a reason it's called "the miracle of life.")

Saddest Moment: The morning two neighborhood dogs got loose and mauled our declawed cat, Bosco, right underneath our daughter's bedroom window. We brought him into the house, laid him down on a towel on the kitchen floor and sobbed as we watched him take his last bloody breaths. (Sorry, but it was a painful loss for all of us.)

Aki Mori said...

You capture the beauty of childhood so wonderfully in this entry!