Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Part Where Everything Comes Together

Some days I'm just tickled to be a writer. By "be a writer" I mean, having the opportunity to sit at my computer and make up stories for hours on end. How lucky can a person get?

In class Tuesday, we were asked to do a fast-write about what still needs to be written in our respective projects. I wrote,
The final act, Act III, the part where everything comes together. Mysteries are solved, situations resolved, and loose ends are tied. In other words, everything.
I know what happens in my story. I know what my characters will do. I'm just incredibly psyched to be writing it now. Who knows how good or mediocre my final product will be--I know I have good pieces, good chunks of pages, but I won't know how well everything works together until the end.

* * *

Tuesday I finished reading Paula McLain's "The Paris Wife," about Hemingway's first marriage told from the wife's point of view. I haven't read anything by Hemingway except some of his short stories; McLain's novel made me want to read more of him, including "A Moveable Feast." Wednesday I started Jay Asher's "13 Reasons Why," a novel about what led a teenager to kill herself. Two weeks after her suicide, one of her classmates receives a shoe box full of audiotapes in which the girl describes her reasons for killing herself. It's a haunting young-adult novel, and I'm already two-thirds finished. I highly recommend both books.


george rede said...

Reading your posts about what YOU read makes me jealous and frustrated (smile and grimace). Either I'm not making the time or I just don't read fast enough.

August said...

I've discovered that the key for me getting through books was to stop reading only before bed. When I do that, I read a couple pages and then go to sleep. Instead, find a nice chair and dedicate an hour or two. Read at lunch. Read books while waiting for dinner to cook instead of reading online.

All day yesterday, I used reading as my "reward" for writing. I had a goal of completing 200 words/hour, and once I reached that goal I got to read a chapter. It was great motivation!

Tonight I'm going to see Nicole Krauss give a reading from "Great House." I'm already giddy about it!

Don't feel bad - I enjoy reading slowly--I get to immerse myself in the book world for longer stretches of time! And I bet when you find the right book (some books take me a month to get through) you'll find the time and reading speed.