Saturday, January 14, 2012

And *Then* I'll Do My Happy Dance

I finished my book last week, somewhere in the 78,000 word range. It's bittersweet right now because I'm not pleased with the end. But it's there, it's typed, and now it can be moved around, embellished, and adjusted. This should be easier than getting it down in the first place.

While I was slogging through the middle, I could just confidently report, "Oh yeah, I'm writing a book! Har! Har!" But now I have this 260-page manuscript. It's it. It's the big thing I've been working on for over a year. And that confidence is on a shelf somewhere until I get the 78,000 words into the shape of something I'm proud of...

And then I'll do my happy dance.


Tonja said...

You deserve a happy dance now! Congratulations!!

August said...

Thanks, Tonja!