Tuesday, January 1, 2013


If 2012 was a time of changes--going full-time at the library, writing a first draft of a novel, becoming engaged--2013 will be a year of finishing what I started.

I intend to improve my skills at the library by either starting an MLS program or completing an internal program within our system.  Either would make me better at my job as well as a more valuable employee.

I intend to finish revisions and query the novel to agents.  I'm excited about the changes I'm making and hope they result in a successful book.   By "successful" I mean read by more than my friends and family.

Finally, and most importantly, I intend to become a good wife.  I want to be unselfish without losing sight of my individual aspirations.


george rede said...

Finishing what you started. That alone would be a great "list" of resolutions.

Congratulations on everything you've begun. Sending best wishes that you're able to follow through on your intentions and look back a year from now and what you've accomplished.

August said...

Thanks! My other resolution I was too scared to write (for fear of breaking it, like I did the last time I made such a resolution): blog more.

Thanks for reading and commenting, and happy new year :)