Friday, March 27, 2009

Not much to see here...

I'm not a nap person. I don't sleep during the middle of the day. No matter how tired or how little sleep I got the previous night, I hang on until it's decidely dark outside. Until recently, that is. 

Friday mornings I teach. It's become a ritual these past few weeks to finish at school, have lunch, check email, news, etc, read, and then take a nap. By the time I wake back up, one or two hours later, it's late afternoon and (after putting on a pot of coffee) I'm refreshed and ready to go out (or, not go out, whatever the case may be).  

Today I finished Coetzee's "Disgrace." It's an author I only recently discovered and look forward to reading more of his works. Next is "Elizabeth Costello."

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