Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gratitude on Thanksgiving Eve

Oh, things to be grateful for:
  • both my brothers calling me yesterday, checking our Thanksgiving plans, making sure there wasn't anything else each could bring;
  • my 87 year-old grandmother, insistent, relishing the chance to prepare another turkey dinner;
  • my mom, hating parades, but enjoying getting her house ready for the Christmas season more than anything else;
  • my dad, in Kenya, helping me to keep things in perspective, and technology, for allowing us to stay in such close contact;
  • and my friends, near and far, showing me such kindness and warmth.
And can I be grateful for the Muppets, too? At a time when entertainment is often vulgar and based on the denigration of others, the Muppets are simply joyful.


george rede said...

Have a wonderful holiday and thanks for sharing The Muppets. They are one of the best things our civilization has ever produced.

August said...

Thanks - you too!