Friday, March 26, 2010


Yesterday, I went straight from class over to my grandma's. She'd returned after an out-patient procedure that "found nothing." Right now, this 88-year old is home-bound, reliant on others to pick up her library books and go to the grocery store. She doesn't complain, but I know she hates losing a bit of her independence (hopefully just temporarily, as she regains strength).

Medicare is paying for everything: from her trip to the ER to her week-long stay at the hospital, to another week at a nursing home as she regained strength, and to daily home visits from a nurse and, today, a social worker. She wouldn't have been able to cover all these expenses on her own, nor would my father and I have been much help. I've been thinking about this as the health care debate came to a head and then a vote.

Anyway. Korean food, beer fest tonight. Less than three more weeks in the quarter, and I'm looking forward to being caught up for three or four days.

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