Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quick note

I can understand the pessimism of others. I see cruelty and injustice abound. I watch the news and feel stupider for doing so. Just thinking about our media, our celebrity-obsessed culture, and our rampant anti-intellectualism is enough to drive me batty.

Because there are so many media outlets and because we are absolutely bombarded with new (an often conflicting) information, we have to be savvy consumers of that information. We have to know how to sort it - how to reject some and accept others. But who has time to do that when Junior has a soccer game, Sally has a study date, and Mom is working another twelve-hour shift?

If only there was a cable network dedicated to sorting that information for us and making it fit into a neat and tidy world-view!

It is hard not to be cynical. It's hard for me not to think of the tea partiers as a group of (mostly) white guys, angry that their world is changing, nostalgic for a time that never really existed.

Otherwise, I'm good :)

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