Monday, April 26, 2010

Goals 2010 (cont.)

Stepping onto the campus of Warren Wilson College last Thursday reminded me a lot of my first time visiting Denison in Granville, Ohio. Not only was it strikingly beautiful, with brick buildings and a mountainous landscape, it also seemed like a vibrant student body.

My goal in visiting Warren Wilson was to get a nudge in one direction or the other: either I'd be steered toward a closer, more practical program (read: "cheaper"), or I'd be pushed toward this program that I first stumbled upon through a google search. The MFA program office assistant said students who complete it describe the program as "life changing." She also said only 10% of applicants are admitted. I want to be a part of that select group!

The next few days will be spent scrambling around, getting ready for next quarter. I'm mostly excited, though there are some unresolved issues from last quarter that trouble me. I bought one of those crates on wheels, since I'll be teaching three separate classes. What I couldn't give for my own cubicle. (Ha - that's a sentence I never thought I'd utter!)


Extremely Average said...

Good luck in being part of the 'Select Group'. Going back to school seems very exciting to me. Perhaps one day I may try it myself.

August said...

Oh, I love school - figuring out connections, realizing that everything is linked. History, math, science, literature, religion, society - everything comes together. And from my experience as a teacher, it's never too late to go to school (sometimes, though, it can be too early!)

Thanks for the comment!