Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Voices of August: Rough and Rede

All month, a friend of mine has been hosting guest posts at his blog, Rough and Rede. Calling it the Voices of August, George Rede has invited people from his wide list of contacts to contribute pieces for each day of the month. From a woman poignantly describing her journey through despair and grief after losing her husband, to a principal-in-training reflecting on conversations about race and diversity in schools, I have been so impressed by the variety of topics and the intelligence and sensitivity with which they have been addressed.

Obviously I was honored when George asked me to contribute, saying I could write about anything from bowling and reading to a recent epiphany. I enjoyed the challenge of writing for a different audience and of having to write 600-800 words on a topic. My piece should be up Thursday. I encourage everyone to stop by Rough and Rede -- not for my essay so much as the other wonderful voices (George's included, of course!)


george rede said...

Rachel was one of the first people who came to mind when I was thinking about the project. I was the one honored when she said "yes." To all her friends, fans and followers, I second Rachel's invitation to stop by Rough and Rede. Stay as long as you like, and if you decide to become a follower, I'll be ever grateful.

August said...

Yes, definitely become a follower - you won't be disappointed!