Monday, July 13, 2009

An Empowerment Project

The summer quarter is drawing to a close, and I have many issues that I need to consider before the next one starts: policies, procedures, and pedagogy are all on the table for tinkering. But my great excitement lately comes from helping with my dad's project. I'm not able and willing to leave everything and travel to Kenya for an extended length of time--maybe in the future--but I can certainly donate my time and interest in writing and social media to help his worthy cause.

My dad has been working on various project in Kenya for over two years, first at the village in Kitui with Nyumbani, and now with the Masai Women's Empowerment Project (MWEP). But the scope of his vision has grown such that it became necessary to establish an official foundation and board here in Ohio and Kentucky. The members include people my dad has worked with, parents of students that had him as principal, life-long friends, and then quiet me. I'm so impressed by each member's dedication and know-how when it comes to non-profits, fundraising, and organization.

My responsibilities include helping craft a newsletter but also establishing a social media presence both on twitter and facebook. I look forward to the challenge.

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george rede said...

What a wonderful project, focusing assistance on the women. I'm sure "quiet you" will do just fine contributing your expertise to the project. Best of luck to all on you on the board.