Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday's Five After Five

Another Friday, another evening spent with friends in a grocery store. About once a month, instead of wine, Whole Foods has a beer tasting. Whether the weather (ha) or an aversion to beer by the sort of folks who would go to tastings, these nights have been decidedly less crowded. And until yesterday, the food has been less-than appetizing.

Station one began with an organic Acai Berry Wheat and a queso dip. The beer was light, reminding me of Blue Moon. The queso, served with a couple tortilla chips, was delicious.

Station two had an organic India pale ale. This was darker, richer, and hoppier. I normally like strong beers, but I'd skipped the food at this station--potato salad--and the bitter beer was a little too much. (I still drank it all, of course.)

Station three had an "Old Ale," Triple Exultation Ale. It was dark, rich, and sweet, and went very well with the delicious hot wings that were served at that station. Though they were "hot" in name only, the wings were wonderful: crispy, meaty, and flavorful.

Station four, we drank an organic porter. It was another dark beer, but it was very smooth. The food, called "Hankie Pankies," looked so good that I ate it without reading the ingredients: ground beef, sausage, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, cayenne pepper, garlic salt, oregano, and party rye bread. I could have eaten two or three of these.

Finally, at the last station, was a goat roll. Goat cheese, herbs and spices were served on a cracker. We drank Raven's Eye Imperial Stout - a beer new to Cincinnati with a 10% alcohol content. Dark with a hint of espresso, I think it's most similar to Guinness.

Two or three inches of snow fell in Cincinnati, so panic ensued, and the roads were practically empty. I wonder how crowded (or not crowded) the library will be; I feel like picking out a great movie to watch tonight.


JMC said...

That sounds awesome! Gah, if only I lived in Cincinnati. :'-(

Sevach said...

10% Beer rocks! Especially 20th Anniversary Heather Ale. Oh Lord do you need to try some of that when you're next over in Scotland.

Time to buy a lottery ticket, methinks, so I can set up an artist commune in Edinburgh, so we can all give up our jobs and write poetry all day whilst our in-house barista serves us americanos and flat whites.

August said...

@JMC - If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I'd be twenty cents short of a quarter. ;) For what it's worth, I love Cincinnati and think everyone should move here.

@Sevach - I think lottery tickets are our best bets at this point. When you get your winning one, I'll chip in half the cost of the ticket... Unfortunately it will be a while before I do anymore globe trotting. But I can't wait to see you and Daniel this Spring!