Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seizing the Day

My brother, after leaving his job at the airport, shipped his bike to California then flew there to meet it. After peddling down the coast, San Francisco to Los Angeles, he is now somewhere in Arizona, making his way to Austin, Texas. Read about his travails at, where he and a couple others upload pics and write about their adventures. Here's some of Zach's prose:

3 days straight of 90+ miles in the desert sun can start to wear on your body and attitude. We are crashing at our old buddy Anne's. Last night we killed crazy amounts of pasta, broke her sink, and rearranged her kitchen while she was out. Later we all laid around blowing farts and laughing.
All three of them write with this understated humor that I adore. Zach's on the left. He said he's lost 10lbs already on this trip, and they're only about one-third finished!

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