Sunday, June 13, 2010

Friday's Wine Tasting

The food at the wine tasting is hit or miss. True, I'm neurotically picky, but some things just seem too weird to try. Friday, luckily, I skipped nothing, and everything was delicious.

Station One: Lolonis Ladybug White Cuvee and Corn Fritters, served with a sweet chile sauce.

The wine was fine, and I could have eaten two or three of the fritters!

Station Two: Borsoa Rose and Deep Fried Burritos

We were surprised they had a rose so early, given that the third station was another white, but you can't go wrong with deep fried anything.

Station Three: Les Jamelles Sauvignon and Lemon-Thyme Wild Salmon Burger

The salmon burger was a bit much. I ate a couple bites. Again, the wine was fine. (Their old sommelier, our favorite, was recruited to Jungle Jim's - the pairings have suffered!)

Station Four: Cooralook Pinot Noir and Kentucky Hot Brown (roasted turkey, crispy bacon on Texas Toast with a cheesy Mornay Sauce)

I'm a fan of most pinot noirs, and this was no exception. As for the appetizer, they had me at "bacon."

Station Five: Campos Reales Tempranillo and Chihuahua Cheese & Cumin Crackers

This red wine was my favorite of the night. It had hints of fruit flavors but had a dry finish. The cheese was good but slight; when we started, they gave us three different kinds of cheese. I can understand why that would get expensive, but I don't have to be happy about it!

Afterward we went to Wild Ginger, a Thai restaurant, for dinner.

So Friday was a good day. I'm currently salivating over the time I'll have next month. To clean. To organize. To plan. To write. To run again. Back in 2006, after I stopped teaching preschool full time and started working at the library part time, I spent a lot of energy figuring out when I could mail certain checks. I also worked as a nanny/house cleaner (the "cleaner" part I find totally hilarious!) I ran almost every day. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I didn't mind. I have much more direction now, almost four years later: I know there's no time to waste.

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Sevach said...

Tempranillo is one of my favourite grape varieties. That and Syrah, or Shiraz. White wines from the Piedmont region in Italy are also usually a hit with me. ;-)