Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Fun

Another busy weekend, although it certainly had fewer subplots than the last one.

Friday, instead of our usual trip to the grocery store to taste wine, a group of us went downtown to Fountain Square for the kick-off of Midpoint Music Festival's indie concert series. The main act? Camera Obscura! The rain held off, and the weather was beautiful - perfect for
this lively and quiet band from Scotland.

The concert ended with an encore of one of my favorites of theirs, "Let's Get Out of This Country." Below is the video I took with my phone - you can find some great footage of their music with far better sound quality, but it wouldn't be nearly as authentic, eh?

Last night, a good friend of mine visited the city. I always enjoy showing off the best parts of Cincinnati (which, ironically, often include trips across the river to Northern Kentucky).

I hate posing for pictures, but my awesome red peep-toe wedges don't mind at all.

This one is called "Cincy's Arches"

Here, my foot is posing alongside one of Shepard Fairey's murals (he of the Obama "Hope" poster fame).


mkcillip said...

Sounds great! Love the Reds in that last picture...

Aki Mori said...

Would you take it as a compliment or an insult if I said that your red peep toe wedges were the highlight of this entry? I truly mean it only in praise!

Sevach said...

Wow. Surreal to hear a Glasgow band in Cincinnati. :-)

Yes, the Scots would have LOVED your weather, no doubt. We had a glorious week in the low 70s, only to return to cool but muggy drizzle, which is set to stay all week. Most of the Scottish summer is rain, so when it is stupendous out, we residents go NUTS and usually take off more clothes and layers than we should. (It's 13C--55F. What do you mean I shouldn't be wearing shorts?) We went to a 30th Birthday party on Saturday, when the high had been 73F during the day, but the AC in the bar was so crap that all of us were dripping with sweat just sitting down. I mean, really. Scots don't know what heat is. And neither do I anymore.

Sevach said...

Oh, and I am VERY envious of your red peeptoe wedges. My hip forbids me from wearing heels--even wedges--at the moment. *sigh* Guess I'll have to settle for ankle-height converse Chuck Taylors in red (with my orthotics). ;-)

george rede said...

Camera Obscura in Cincinnati? Awesome. They're a great little band, aren't they? And they do get around. They appeared at the Sasquatch Festival over the three-day Memorial Day weekend in Washington state. Didn't see 'em there but I'll try to catch 'em again next time they come to Portland.

August said...

They're lovely - and to have played a free show? Even lovelier!

(And don't you worry, Marianne - you'll be able to get a reminder of what Midwest heat feels like in September!)