Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does

When I taught younger children, transitions were always the toughest. We would have a great activity, like a story, a song, or a show-and-tell, and that activity would conclude. Then we would have to get to the next task, whether lunch, nap, or free choice. The trick would be coming up with a good transition that would guide children from one activity to the next without ensuing chaos. It could be something simple: "Put your hands on your head. Put them in the air. Drop them to your sides. Finger on your mouth." Other times the transition could become an activity unto itself, whether it involved counting or silently lining up in order of height.

But sometimes I dropped the ball. I tried to go straight from one activity to the next without thinking of the transition. I shouldn't have been surprised when children were unfocused and noisy, and I would have to spend an extra five minutes or so getting them settled.

Here I am in my own transition. Undisciplined. Unfocused. Being a bit stupid. Yearning for someone to tell me what to do, both in my writing life and personal life, while knowing that I -- no one else -- am responsible for my choices and the consequences of those choices.

Edited to add: Sorry for the string of self-indulgent blog posts. I'm working through some stuff! Meanwhile, I write.


mkcillip said...

Self-indulgence? How dare you for writing about what you want to write about on your personal blog. How very dare you.

August said...