Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Kingsolver

I fall in love with books the way others do with guys. Some I won't even look at--too popular, too slick. Spare me the Pattersons, the Graftons, the Coulters--give me Kingsolver and Krauss. Give me the Booker Prize winner, not the bestseller.

I start two or three books at the same time. I read a few pages, then move onto the next and give that a sample. While I enjoy reading both, I'm afraid to commit to either. There are so many great books available! Libraries, stores, dedicated to them!

But as I get to know one book better, I set the other aside. I can't put down my chosen book. I tell everyone about it. Read this! It's awesome!

Alas, by halfway through--maybe later--I see its faults. I note the sloppy characterization, the descriptions that go on far too long, and I'll second-guess my commitment. I still want to finish the book, but I also notice that other one I'd started. It nags at me like an ex-boyfriend inviting me to lunch.

Luckily, there's nothing wrong with two-timing a book.

(Tongue fully in cheek;)


AllMyPosts said...


I read one book at a time!! I am not sure if I can manage two books!! When I find lot of faults in a book, I try to love it the way it is!! Else I just use Wikipedia to read the summary and get going with next book!!

Should try your two book style oncE!!!

with warm regards
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Kristen Mira said...

I'm with you on the two-timing thing, I think right now I'd say I'm eight-timing with book marks all varying degrees deep in each book. But not quite due to dissatisfaction, it's more like ADD.

August said...

I also like to have lighter books (in terms of subject, not weight!) around, depending on my mood. Thanks for stopping by!