Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pictures of pictures

Remembering dreams is not a regular occurrence for me. Maybe I'll remember two in a week, or perhaps I'll remember two in a month. Usually they're mundane, but occasionally I'll have a long dream with a beginning, middle, and end. These ones are harder to figure out. Last fall I dreamt that it was the fourth of July and terrorists were striking all the buildings in the city.

Last night's dream reminds me of something out of a sitcom. Something really dramatic happens, and then the character suddenly wakes up; something's still amiss, and the main character wakes up again - he was having a dream within a dream. That's what I did last night. I was having a dream, and in the dream I woke up from it and thought, "Hmm." 

(If I were critiquing this post, I'd say it was vague and needed more specific details; but I've got lots of grading to do:)

I used to dream about smurfs and rainbows and (at age six) driving my mom's station wagon. Now I dream about dreaming and terrorists.

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