Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This whole tea party thing...

From my perspective, it's a bit nutty. I think, "What exactly are they protesting against? A tax rate lower than Reagans? A bailout rendered necessary by a Republican president?" It's been interesting watching the coverage of these tax-day protests; the numbers are miniscule compared to antiwar protests and immigration protests.

What's also funny is how derisive a lot of the media (non-FOX) is being towards the protests. Belittling the teabaggers (haha). It's kind of how much of the media treated the Left during Bush's years.

Anyway. It's been a good day. Gave some tests, graded some tests, and finally did my dishes (minus the silverware; I have enough spoons that I can wait some more). Ate some skyline, watched some Lost, and drank some wine. Can't ask for more on a Wednesday evening.

For your viewing pleasure:

(It does feel slightly wrong to have Bush's head on my blog, but it's a nice reminder of what we've left behind!)

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