Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Lion Sleeps Tonight (and, "The Dream Lives On")

Ted Kennedy's memorial, funeral, and burial services have been incredibly tasteful and appropriate. Given his stature and accomplishments, it's fitting that our sitting president gave his eulogy. While President gave a great speech, I think Kennedy's son, Ted Jr., stole the show. I'm embedding the first part of his speech. All of it is wonderful - funny and touching - but my favorite moment comes just before the fourth minute, when Ted Kennedy Jr. recalls a story from when he was twelve.

Who knows what impact Kennedy's death will have on the larger narrative of health care reform. I think that I and fellow progressives hope that the other democrats in the senate will feel a renewed call to pass meaningful legislation, i.e. with a public option.

Finally, click here for a collection of editorial cartoons from the day after Kennedy passed.

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george rede said...

You're so right. The genuineness of Ted Jr.'s emotions and memories come through in every sentence.