Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick hits

I love that moment in a day when I stop worrying about class, work, family, and the world. Unfortunately that hasn't happened in a while. But I've been "good" busy, lately, as opposed to "anxious" busy.

So, I'll take a cue from one of my blogger friends and give some quick hits:

  • I saw "Julie and Julia" last night with my mom. Meryl Streep was divine has Julia Child, and it was wonderful recognizing so many places in Paris!
  • I'm boycotting Whole Foods. This seriously alters my Friday evenings, but the store's CEO penned an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal against health care reform. If he hadn't realized who shops there (liberal, educated democrats), he does now!
  • My dad leaves on Monday. I'm getting ready to take the reins on the website, a facebook fan site, and a twitter...
  • Headed to the Reds game tonight. I'll bring my camera and upload any good pics!

1 comment:

August said...

Typo. Meryl Streep was divine AS Julia Child. Not "has" Julia Child.