Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life, moving toward chaos

The few days have served as reminders of how chaotic and random our world can be in ways both large and small. Two metro trains collided in D.C. yesterday, killing seven and leaving dozens injured. Imagine: it's a weekday, you're on your way home from work, thinking about your family, listening to your iPod, reading a newspaper. Suddenly your life changes, or it ends.

Saturday we received news of the Governor's budget proposal. Among other cuts is a 50% reduction in funding to Ohio libraries. Over 70% of libraries in Ohio receive their funding solely from the state; that is, they don't get local funding. If the cuts go through, half our branches could close. Two-hundred employees could lose their jobs. I'm less worried for myself - I hedged my bets a few months ago when I switched to part time and picked up another class - than I am for the librarians who have dedicated their lives to this organization. The budget goes to a vote on June 30, and the effects will be harsh and immediate.

The list of proposed cuts is frightening: Ohio libraries aren't the only institution that would be negatively impacted.

Iran - the media have finally caught up with events on the street.


(By the way - watching a surreal episode of South Park in which all the guys in town turn into metrosexuals. They even have a metro pride parade. At the end of the episode, the wives beat the men from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," who turn out to be crab people).

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george rede said...

Here I am musing/whining about jury duty and here you are writing about things that really matter -- life and death in D.C., life, death and political freedom in Iran, libraries and people's livelihoods.
You write beautifully. Hope you're able to somehow dodge a 50 percent budget cut. Some reduction is understandable in these times, but 50 percent seems pretty extreme.
Here in Oregon, the governor is taking on fellow Democrats by vetoing a school funding bill that he says cuts too deeply into the state's budget reserves. Now he's got to try to get Republicans to help sustain a veto. Weird.