Friday, June 12, 2009

So there's this young lady...

It's been a busy past few days, with my library, teaching, and social schedules conspiring to overpower my writing schedule. I write when I'm relaxed and have time to sit with my thoughts and ideas without other tasks intruding. While I might have a lesson plan in one window and the reds game in another, I never multitask with writing.

So I'm taking the few minutes I have before leaving for a long day at the library to drop in here; give a status update.

There are some days (weeks, months) when it seems obvious that nothing is going to happen. Nothing will change, and nothing will interrupt whatever routine I've set up. But there are other days (weeks, months) when I feel that potential: of the millions of things up in the air, they might fall down a little differently. Settle in new places. And I have that excitement of thinking about those new places. Maybe nothing will happen or change, but that potential is enough to give me a bounce in my step.

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