Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bridging the Gap

I started working on my admission's essay for Warren Wilson. I have months to finish it (and truthfully, I should be concentrating more on selecting my writing samples), but I feel like the process of writing it will be helpful. I get to write something, in 3-4 pages, that describes

· my preparation in the study of creative writing and literature
· additional experience that seems particularly relevant to this application
· the strengths and weaknesses of my writing
· my goals for my two years of degree study

There's just so much I want to say and write; the challenge (and fun part) will be shaping the words and sentences into something cohesive and interesting and that doesn't simply restate what I've already written on my blog. (I couldn't just send this url, right?)

Anyway, I have two more weeks in the current quarter. In class today, we reviewed for the final exam; thinking back, I see a disconnect between how I teach them to approach their assignments and how I approach my own writing. Maybe the more I bridge those, the more convincing I'll be as an instructor.

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