Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finishing Up

Finishing up the winter quarter, today, submitting final grades. I feel the most organized I've been since I started teaching these classes, but that's not saying much. We start again next week. I'll know where everything is! I'll give quizzes back the next class period, and essays within a week! When a student asks about his/her progress, I'll be able to give an answer right then and there!

(Ah, and this is the first quarter break in a year that I haven't tried to leave the country -- unsuccessfully last April, successfully in July and October; alas I'll be working in the library most of the break, so no extra time to do "nothing").

But I'm itching to travel again. I've never been to New England, the Plains, or the Pacific Northwest. Places in the south, Texas and New Mexico, I've only driven through as a child. I love getting stamps in my passport - I'd go back to Europe or Australia in a second - but I do need to see more of my own country.

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